Rick's Front Door Refinishing


Rick’s Front Door Refinishing will refinish your door on-site and in one day – uncer normal circumstances, your door will be reinstalled within 4 hours.

Your door is removed from it’s hinges and taken to the driveway or to the street  because no one wants the Noise, Dust and Fumes IN their home!


Our Proven Process:

* Door is removed from it’s hinges and a piece of plastic put in it’s place
* Old finish is chemically stripped down to bare wood
* Door is washed to get all stripper residue off wood to get a good adhesion
* Minor damage is repaired at no additional cost (dents, scratches, loose trim)
* Door is thoroughly sanded to insure the smoothest possible finish
ricksfrontdoor* A premium stain is applied for a perfect and uniform color of your choice
* We SPRAY 4 coats of Helmsman UV protecting spar urethane, Awesome Stuff
* At this time we would install your new FREE  weather-strip if it needs it
* Door is re-installed, hardware is put on and …Voila…. Another Pretty Door!

Stop by their booth at the show or  visit their website now for additional information.