Texas Star Grill Shop

traegergrillabThe Traeger Wood Pellet Grill is the best and most versatile grill on the market. It makes the most delicious barbecue: ribs, brisket, chicken, TraegerGrillpork… fall off the bone tender. Crank up your temperature, you will have the most delicious steaks, burgers,

fish and sausage. It’s so easy to use and it’s a healthier and more delicious way to prepare your food. Stop Grilling and Start Traegering!

TexasPelletGrillThe Traeger Elite Grill features a bronze powder coat finish on the hopper lid and grill door and multipposiiton digital control. Features viper casters and viper wheels round out the amazing standard features of the Lil Tex Elite. This model is sure to set the barbeque world on fire.

TexasStarGrillVisit them in  their booth or visit their website at www.TexasStarFoods.com for additional information.