Great tips from ShelfGenie


Organization Inspiration!

Feel inspired to tackle some projects around the house? Then you must see the Shelf Genie exhibit (spaces #200-202). Although you may ultimately have dreams of gutting your kitchen or adding an extension to your living space, these big jobs are costly and time-consuming. In lieu of overwhelming yourself with a huge project, consider taking on small projects to get the best bang for your buck. Begin by prioritizing your needs and set up a manageable timetable to accomplish the tasks. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity.


  1. Organize and better utilize your pantry. Throughout the year, you probably accumulate all sorts of things in your pantry. From expired cans and water bottles without the lids, to half-eaten bags of chips and old baking supplies, your storage space may need an overhaul. By removing the contents, throwing away expired items, and donating food you will not eat, you can start with a clean slate. Consider installing pull-out shelving to better access your items. Hard to reach items will be at your fingertips, and you will double your storage capacity, bringing order and peace to your life.
  2. Create usable storage space in your bathroom cabinet. Bath products, hair products, and cleaning solutions may be taking up all the space under your bathroom sink, leaving you no room for essentials like toilet paper and tissues. With a two-tiered pull-out shelving system, you can maximize your space and easily find what you need. Also, by grouping similar items in small baskets or containers, you will spend less time getting frustrated.
  3. Repurpose an old piece of furniture. Maybe your grandmother’s china cabinet has been sitting empty in the guest room, or an old wardrobe is collecting dust in the garage. Instead of buying something new, repurpose an old piece of furniture to add storage to your space. Pull-out shelving can be installed to better use the piece in your kitchen, bath, or other room in the house.
  4. Declutter and find more space for your pots and pans. Are you frustrated with the way you store your pots and pans? You’re not alone. Most people get easily frustrated looking in their cabinets for the right size pot and matching lid. With pull-out shelving, you can easily arrange your pots, pans, and lids so you can access them quickly when cooking.
  5. Make better use of corner cabinets. Most kitchens have a corner cabinet that has dead space. Because of the layout, it’s an area that is often hard to access. With a unique, pull-out solution for corner cabinets, you can add more storage space in your kitchen. It’s a cost-effective way to use the space you already have without adding to the footprint of your kitchen.

You may not be able to redesign your whole kitchen, bathroom, or pantry at this time, but you can trump your frustration by working on small projects that will have lasting impacts. Finishing a few manageable projects on your list will feel great and give a sense of accomplishment as you check each one off.